“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”


960x540HERO Ordinance

Men have no place inside the women’s restroom with us.  Vote for me and we will do something about Mayor Annise Parker’s HERO Ordinance.

Houston Budget

Once elected as Mayor for the City of Houston:

  • I will study the budget to find where we can decrease the spending habit of all the politicians.
  • Help Companies and Small Businesses to encourage them to do business in Houston
  • Make Houston Tourism Capital of the South
  • Reduce the Houston Billion Dollar Debt.
  • We will find honest Engineers with Integrity.
  • Employ local contractors for City Government projects.
  • We will not bandage the road, we will fix it correctly according to specifications.
  • We will hire Engineers who knows how to fix the road the proper way so that it will last longer.